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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Time, such a simple four letter word, that I never seem to have enough of. Time seems to fly. No matter what I am doing. I have know about the Tar Heels Kids Consignment (formerly Tot Trade Consignment) for months. Months I tell you, like back before Christmas. Yet at 5:15pm when I got home yesterday, I was quickly entering in the last 50 items or so before the deadline of 6:00 pm. I made it with 10 minutes to spare, but we life happening I did not get to hang anything or get it tagged. This morning as I was eating breakfast I printed tags so when I get out of school I can hang and tag. Hopefully the DH will be feeling well enough to assist. I have to drop the items off this afternoon before I pick lil' one up from daycare.

I can tell time has not been my friend this semester either. I am way off my game. I have not gotten back into the rhythm of leaving school and heading to the library. I need to because I dislike waiting until the last minute to turn in the homework. Last night is a perfect example, I had two chapter reviews and a test due by midnight, I finished everything at 11:30 p.m. as the news was going off. Makes for a tired mommy/student/wife with 8:00 a.m. classes.


  1. Just remember,,,,,, its okay, its expected, its normal to feel the way youre feeling with so much on your plate.
    I just finished Nursing school and while I was going through it i thought I was going to die or have a stroke. It was hard and yes I had and still have the husband, kids, full time job and classes. It's too much BUT if God bought you this far then he will take you all the way. He will never , ever give us more than we can handle.
    Decide what will have to take the back burner until you graduate.
    For me, I had to accept that my house was not going to make it on the cover let alone the last page lol of the Good Housekeeping magazine, so this meant absolutely no guest over unless I had a good weeks notice. Not worth losing your sanity over.
    I made it and so can you. Also, thank you for the blogs you have made on savings in the past, esp Harris Teeter.

  2. Thank you for the words of enocouragement. My house will never be on the cover of Good Housekeeping but I do miss not stepping on toys with every step. Sadly the blog has moved to the back burner, but as I finish things early in keyboarding class I tend to blog. I will work on posting more savings. I continue to shop and save money. Right now I am helping plan a baby shower and love that stores (especially Target) are reseting their plan-o-grams so everything is on clearance. Invites are a steal.