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Monday, August 6, 2012

FREE Organic Notebook!

FREE Organic Notebook!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Super Doubles

So far I haven't seen anything that has overly impressed me with Super Doubles at Harris Teeter. I don't have a Lowes Foods near by but it has been said that they will also be having Super Doubles.

Here are a couple of links to some of the lists I generally use to create a list or use their coupon database.

Let me know if you find anything good.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Job Search Seminar

Some of you may be facing this or know of family members/friends that are struggling with this issue right now.  Please feel free to share this with them…this workshop is FREE & open to the public as well as students. 

Looking for Work with a Criminal Record
March 29th, 6pm - South Campus, Building 2000, Room 2305
This is being offered by  Rowan Cabarrus Community College

 Presented by Tony Sloop from the R3 Center.  Please feel free to share this with any family or friends you think could benefit.  Individuals must register for the workshop by calling R3 Center (704-216-7201).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rite Aid and Bi-Lo trips


I have been out and about shopping for diapers. Rite Aid has a deal that couldn't be beat. I made three trips in the last two days. Total before savings: $65.94 Total OOP: $39.94 + tax, which translates to 52.7% savings. That includes a cd of pictures for my photography class and 2 candy bars that were on sale but no coupon, and 6, yes, 6 packages of diapers. 5 pkgs of size 4 and 1 size 1 (for a baby shower).  I got the $10 Up+ Reward once, and the 5 Up+ Reards twice. I did use them on the other purchases I made. So I am back out of UP+ rewards but totally worth it for the diapers. I will also continue to go to Rite Aid for the cd for photography. I am taking pictures on a 35 mm but need them converted since it is a digital photography class. $5 beats the $9 I was paying at another competitor.

I was orginally going to Bi-Lo to use the $0.75/1 Pampers wipes coupon with my rain check. My raincheck was for bogo. But while I was there I checked on cheese and coke products. They were running a deal purchase 3 Coke 12 pks at 3/$10 and receive a 8 pk of Powerade for free. Woohoo runs through my brain, I've got 3 free coupons for Coke from my Coke Rewards. So I got 3 Coke 12 pks plus the Powerade for FREE!! The wipes ended up being $2.40 for 4 packages of 72 wipes (in each pkg) that is $0.008/wipe. I also purchased Kraft Cheese and the new Kraft Takes that are in the dairy section. The damage there was before savings: $62.62 after savings Total OOP: $ 17.69 (incl tax) with savings of 72%.

Not to shabby in trying to get ready for a 2 year old's birthday. How has your week been?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Send the Jones Family to Chile

When I was first in school and Erica was watching Caroline, she discovered Learn and Play. Learn and Play is through our local smart start. One of the women that we met and became friends with is trying to raise money; so she and her family go and serve with Youth for Christ in Chile.

It is so easy!! Bring your family to Chick-Fil-A on Innes Street in Salisbury from 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Grab a card from the Jones family and drop it in the box at the register and they will get a portion of the proceeds.

Hope to see you there!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tanga Deal Everyday With Racheal Ray

Go HERE to Tanga to get 2 years of "Everyday With Racheal Ray" for Just $8.99! You coupon code FOOD to save. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Children's Place Coupons

Go sign up for e-mails from The Children's Place, it is at the bottom of their homepage. They are currently offering 15% off everything in a regular store on top of the 25% of their "Spring Dressy" items. If you are close to an outlet they have a 20% off everything and they are offering 20% off their Dressy items (total of 40% when you use the coupon). You don't have to print the email if you have a smart phone you can just pull up the email on your phone and they can take the code. Save the paper for other coupons. If you are shopping online then don't forget to go through Ebates or Shop at Home for additional cash back.

 When my partner and crime were in the store on Sunday they had a bunch of items marked $4.99 and under. If you need to buy a baby gift or just stock up this is the time to do it. I will say my daughter does have a bunch of Children's Place clothes.

BONUS: If you have a Place Card then you are entered into a sweepstakes to win 1 of 5 $500 gift cards to Children's Place. February is double sweepstakes month. Check out all the details here.

Free Tide Pod Sample

Head over to Tide's Facebook page to request your FREE sample of Tide Pods. Tide says that it detergent, stain remover, and brighter all in one pod. Limit one per household.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Consignment Sales

There are two HUGE sales coming up in the next few weeks.

Tar Heels Kids Consignment  (formally Tot Trade Charlotte) sale is this weekend. The doors opens to the public on February 23 at 6pm and the final day of the sale is February 26. On February 25 and 26 select items will be discounted. You check check out their calendar for further information about times. This event is held at the Cabarrus Event Center.

Following up after that sale is TTB Kidz. Their sale is March 9 - 11. Their sale is at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo. Their discount day is March 11 and select items will be 50% off.

With my little one, who will be 2, wears odd sizes. Yes, I know all kids are odd sizes but mine can wear the waist of a 6-9 month old but for pants we need the length of 18-24 months. Shirts at this point almost have to be 24 months to be long enough to cover her torso. For the pants we have become huge fans of the adjustable waist but for shorts and what not we kept last years stuff because she can still wear them.

 I have gotten some good deals of late at Children's Place for Caroline and Kohls for me. Any other good sales that you love to shop?

Harris Teeter Super Doubles

Even with the time management issues of the past weekend I did manage to get to Harris Teeter twice on Monday and got a lot of what was on my list.

The first trip saved $84.92 and spent $37.17 total savings 69.5%. This trip included a rain check for B2G3 on Emerald Nuts, and my EVic for Chex @ $1.97/box. This transaction I also used a coupon from Recyclebank that was $10/$50 at Harris Teeter.

The second trip saved 42.44 and spent $36.62 total savings of 53.6%. This one had tons of yogurt on it because lil' one is sick and that is the only dairy she can have. My favorite deal was the Bumble Bee Chunk Lite Tuna which was on sale for 4/$5, and I had purchased a coupon from Recyclebank $1.00/2. Which made it $0.25/can.

 I am contemplating making another trip sometime today but it will totally depend on my time this afternoon and how the DH and lil' one feel.

How did you guys do? Any great deals found elsewhere?


Time, such a simple four letter word, that I never seem to have enough of. Time seems to fly. No matter what I am doing. I have know about the Tar Heels Kids Consignment (formerly Tot Trade Consignment) for months. Months I tell you, like back before Christmas. Yet at 5:15pm when I got home yesterday, I was quickly entering in the last 50 items or so before the deadline of 6:00 pm. I made it with 10 minutes to spare, but we life happening I did not get to hang anything or get it tagged. This morning as I was eating breakfast I printed tags so when I get out of school I can hang and tag. Hopefully the DH will be feeling well enough to assist. I have to drop the items off this afternoon before I pick lil' one up from daycare.

I can tell time has not been my friend this semester either. I am way off my game. I have not gotten back into the rhythm of leaving school and heading to the library. I need to because I dislike waiting until the last minute to turn in the homework. Last night is a perfect example, I had two chapter reviews and a test due by midnight, I finished everything at 11:30 p.m. as the news was going off. Makes for a tired mommy/student/wife with 8:00 a.m. classes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Ready to Move

For those that have lived threw this last move with me I apologize for re-hashing it again My husband and I were given an opportunity to rent the house my husband lived in while he attended high school. He and I did not take the decision lightly because there was work that needed to be done and we would be renting from his dad. After lots of evaluating we decided to take him up on the offer.  We were leaving a single wide older mobile home, it was no longer healthy for us to live there. We were moving into a home that was built in 1947 and is made of cinder block. Yes you read correctly, my home is made of cinder block. For the most part it doesn't make a huge difference except when I want to hang items on the wall. Not all of the walls are cinder but 95% of them are.

In order to move into said house we needed to do a "few" minor repairs and paint. The rooms were all different colors and I couldn't tell you the last time the place had been cleaned. Below are a few before pics.

This is one of the living room walls.  Below is another. When we sprayed them with a degreaser all the nicotine and dirt ran down the wall like a river. 
Living room wall
The kitchen is off the living room and that connects to the "laundry" area and the bathroom. My daughter loves this feature because she can run in circles, now if it would just tire her out.
My kitchen. There is only a little counter space and that is where the sink is. Gas stove (woohoo for me) and some built in cabinets for a pantry and storage of dishes.

This is the hallway/laundry area. Gotta love that green it is everywhere.

This is looking into the bathroom. The bathroom is the only room in the house that didn't get painted. I kinda like the color but honestly by the time it was the bathroom's turn I was way over painting. 

This lovely hole was deemed "not so bad" by our landlord. But lets just say that portion of the floor was rotten and my wee one could have fallen through and gone directly into the utility basement. Um yeah didn't make me a happy camper. 

The other bedrooms were painted a purple and blue in color. The blue made the room very dark, I forgot to take pictures of the before of the other two rooms. Over the course of the next couple of posts I'll show you how far we've come. 

A huge thank you to my partner in crime, her mom and husband. Without their assistance somethings would not have gotten done or would have taken me 10 times longer to get them accomplished.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

P&G Coupon Booklet

I know I find I keep coming back to the same reliable items. Some of which are P&G. Go sign up to receive $35 in coupons via mail. They are usually good for a couple of months and usually double.

The P&G Booklet is called Gather Together and should arrive in about 6 weeks.

Thanks Southern Savers!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip

It's days like today that renew my faith in coupons and saving money. Harris Teeter is having their Super Doubles. That means that they will double coupons upto a $1.98 face value. Granted there is a 20 coupon limit but if done right you can make it worth your while.  It also pays to be a member of their EVIC program. Some items would have had overage but H.T. doesn't allow overage, I'll take free.  Below is a breakdown of todays trip.

Betty Crocker Potatoes2 $    0.77  $           1.54 $       0.80 $      0.80  FREE 
Lays Potato Chips2 $    2.14  $           4.28    $    4.28
Mueller Bowties1 $    1.00  $           1.00 $       0.55 $      0.55  FREE 
Tide Detergent (100 oz)1 $  11.99  $         11.99 $       2.00  $  2.00 $    7.99
Kikoman Teriyaki Sauce1 $    2.59  $           2.59 $       1.00 $      1.00  $    0.59
Honey Bunches of Oats2 $    2.50 $  0.53 $           3.94 $       2.00 $      2.00  FREE 
Pantene Shampoo2 $    3.50  $           7.00 $       3.00  $  3.00 $    1.00
Listerine Cool Mint1 $    3.99  $           3.99 $       1.00 $      1.00  $    1.99
Herbal Essence Mousse1 $    2.99  $           2.99 $       1.00 $      1.00  $    0.99
Fructis Mousse1 $    2.99  $           2.99 $       1.00 $      1.00  $    0.99
H.T. Chicken Breast1 $    8.58 $  5.72 $           2.86    $    2.86
H.T. Chicken Breast1 $    8.18 $  5.46 $           2.72    $    2.72
H.T. Chicken Breast1 $    8.28 $  5.52 $           2.76    $    2.76
Yellow Onion1 $    1.00  $           1.00    $    1.00
Bagels1 $    2.24  $           2.24    $    2.24
Sargento Cheese4 $    2.00  $           8.00 $       2.00 $      2.00  $    4.00
Breakstone Sour Cream 1 $    1.00  $           1.00    $    1.00
Chobani Greek Yogurt5 $    1.00  $           5.00 $       0.30 $      0.30  $    4.40
Nivea Lip for Men1 $    1.50  $           1.50 $       1.00 $      1.00  FREE 
Nivea Lip 1 $    1.50  $           1.50 $       1.00 $      1.00  FREE 
Nivea Lip w/Shimmer2 $    1.50  $           3.00 $       3.00   FREE 

Total Before Card:$132.25   
Vic Savings: $48.34
Online Vic Savings (ZVR):$5   
Coupon Savings: 33.08
OOP plus tax: $45.82

Total Savings: 65%

How'd y'all do?


The last couple months of the year of 2011 seemed to go by in a whirlwind. Thanksgiving came and went. Pretty quickly, especially since I cooked Thanksgiving dinner in a toaster oven. Yup, you read right, I cooked Turkey Day dinner in a toaster oven. We had moved, and didn't realize the oven didn't work until I was trying to bake something a couple days before. The top of my stop worked, its gas, so I could cook on the stove top but not bake. So, we, my sister and I, made the turkey breast in toast oven and then the rolls, and while we ate the apple pie baked. I did state that the only pie I am making going forward is going to be a lemon meringue with graham cracker crust. I ended up just eating the pie filling, I don't like pie crust.
Then came the end of the school semester and the stress that brings. Glad when that ended. We, my sister and I, had a cookie day at her house. Then my partner in crime had a cookie day, my oven was fixed but her kitchen is bigger. Before you knew it was Christmas.  It was a good but crazy Christmas. Caroline has enjoyed everything she has received. She enjoys the loud noisy toys the best. Typical 21 month old. :)
So the new year washes away last year "regrets" and brings a new untarnished sense of wonder. I typically don't make resolutions but I am making promises that I plan on keeping.  Promises are harder to break than a resolution, or at least in my brain. I promise myself to become healthy and to post more often on the blog in addition to being a better parent and spouse. I want also continue to do well in my education.