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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time has flown

Wow what a difference a year makes.

I have graduated with two degrees with honors in May 2013. I have been working since January, and going back for my bachelors degree. My sister moved in, my sister moved out.

Life as "normal". Whatever that means these days. Lord knows that this week has been a challenge with back to school stuff in full swing not only for me but my sister.

My favorite blonde headed three-year-old is loving all the attention she gets from her aunt. She talking up a storm and pointing out everything. Her favorite food of the moment is a Taco Bell cheese roll-up. We can be driving down the road and sees a billboard or the sign on the side of the high way and pipes up with, "Mommy, Taco Bell right there." As she emphatically is pointing out the window at the exit. Now if we could only tackle the potty training monster. I know, I know it will come.

That is a condensed version of the year, how has your month been?

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