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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rite Aid and Bi-Lo trips


I have been out and about shopping for diapers. Rite Aid has a deal that couldn't be beat. I made three trips in the last two days. Total before savings: $65.94 Total OOP: $39.94 + tax, which translates to 52.7% savings. That includes a cd of pictures for my photography class and 2 candy bars that were on sale but no coupon, and 6, yes, 6 packages of diapers. 5 pkgs of size 4 and 1 size 1 (for a baby shower).  I got the $10 Up+ Reward once, and the 5 Up+ Reards twice. I did use them on the other purchases I made. So I am back out of UP+ rewards but totally worth it for the diapers. I will also continue to go to Rite Aid for the cd for photography. I am taking pictures on a 35 mm but need them converted since it is a digital photography class. $5 beats the $9 I was paying at another competitor.

I was orginally going to Bi-Lo to use the $0.75/1 Pampers wipes coupon with my rain check. My raincheck was for bogo. But while I was there I checked on cheese and coke products. They were running a deal purchase 3 Coke 12 pks at 3/$10 and receive a 8 pk of Powerade for free. Woohoo runs through my brain, I've got 3 free coupons for Coke from my Coke Rewards. So I got 3 Coke 12 pks plus the Powerade for FREE!! The wipes ended up being $2.40 for 4 packages of 72 wipes (in each pkg) that is $0.008/wipe. I also purchased Kraft Cheese and the new Kraft Takes that are in the dairy section. The damage there was before savings: $62.62 after savings Total OOP: $ 17.69 (incl tax) with savings of 72%.

Not to shabby in trying to get ready for a 2 year old's birthday. How has your week been?

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