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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Say NO!

Nancy Regan had it right. As mommies we are constantly bombarded with questions. Most of which we answer with no. "Mommy, Can I jump off the house? NO! Mommy, Can I paint the Dog? Nope! Mommy, can I grow up to be a cat? Sorry no, but you can pretend. Mommy, is no your favorite word? No, its yes but I don't get to say it often.
So when the chance comes up for us to say yes it is really exciting. The big one is "can I buy this item for really cheap or free?". Yes! Do I need forty just cause I can?  Every part of us is screaming yes its free get as many as you can. I think this way to but alas I also think about the mom coming after me. Her three kids pinching each other, throwing cookies and suckers in the basket when she is not looking trugding to the last items on her list the free thing she needs. Then bam she gets there and not a one on the shelf. ( by the way that has been me so many times) I hate heading to the store just to find all the items are long gone.
I think the major lesson we all need is moderation. If you need forty to last six weeks then by all means get them. If you are planning on donating them go for, but really if they are going to sit in your pantry until ten years from now, why oh why do you get them. I know they are free, but lets share that freebie with someone else. You can always special order them if you want.
Couponing can become an extreme sport if you let it, but I just do not have the energy to make that happen. I just wanna save a few bucks (ok more than a few) each week and keep the people I love fed and happy. If your an extremer have fun but please please think about us little guys out there and Nancy Regan it.

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