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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I just wanted some chicken!

Well I have to say this week was a bad meal planning week. I had a few items still leftover on the list and the major one that sounded so good was Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken.

I had been drooling over this for days but every time I went to make it something came up or my "I cannot stand one more minute today" attitude defeated it. So Thursday I was determined to make it happen. So I popped out the slower cooker and realized it didn't have a lid. Then realized why. Kylie knocked it off the counter 6 weeks ago, it shattered and I didn't get a new one yet. Ok cancel Thursday but Friday for sure I told myself.
Friday upon inspection of Kohl’s great sales (insert sarcasm 5% off) on kitchen appliances I decided to borrow my mother in laws. Genius I know, why I didn't think of it Thursday?
My motley crew and I stop by pick it up and we eat happily ever after right?
 Um no Kylie knocks it out of the car on accident when we pull up to the house, and wait for it .........the lid shatters!
So I gave up. I settled for grilling chicken breast, snuck in cabbage in the mashed potatoes and boiled the first corn of the season. All in all it was a fantastic meal and I did get bbq chicken but I still want to try the other recipe.

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