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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Morning Everyone

Anyone have fun at HT (Harris Teeter) this week? I am wanting some brag stories!
I have not made the journey but there are some good deals.

So whats up for this next week:

     Lydia attended a coupon class last week so she will be posting a little about that this week.

     How to stay sane while shopping with toddlers and older children.
 (OK well sometimes these tips work)

     How to say NO to a sale item

     Appreciate yourself for all that you do and don't do to keep your family happy!

Everyone please posts some brag stories I love to hear them. If you want up load a pic or 2. Can't wait to see them!
Also I will be posting some good deals around the web and at stores. So keep an eye out for a fun week.

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