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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Stay Sane When Shopping with Kids

Most of you reading this will have to laugh at the idea of a easy trip to the grocery store with kids. I have a 9, 2, and 3 year old so I now what its like. I think about all those times before I had kids and I would say "seriously can't they control that kid" and have to say karma is coming around. My youngest has been blessed with her ability to scream like a victim in a  horror movie. So that everyone in the store shoots me dirty or pityting looks. I have to say I really appreciate the pity because that is a veteran of the supermarket meltdown war. It gives me strength because they made it through alive.
So here are my tips for an easier trip to the grocery store.
Give Them a Job
Logan is the produce bag guy and bottom shelf man (and the mom won't see this thing I throw in the cart kid),
Kylie scratches items off my list as we buy them (or as she sees fit)
Paige either keeps the real list and if the control freak in me allows the coupons or I have her keep a tally of what we spend.
Plan Ahead
When you are making a list try to use the supermarket as your guide. However your store is setup follow that plan. If you walk in and its produce first that should be your first items on your list. Too keep my impulse buying down I shop the perimeter first then hit only the aisle I need. When you are making your list write down what coupons you are going to use and there value. I put these in a envelope. That way you don't have to look through your binder for each item.
Be Fast
You are only going to get a certain amount of time before the world ends so do not go in with the idea of a leisurely stroll through the supermarket. Go in ready to rock and roll. As you get used to shopping with coupons and sales it becomes much easier to do.
Be a Goof
I have no shame when it comes to making sure my kids re having fun. I am that weird mom that duck walks the aisle or pretends that we are on a secret mission to free the frosted flakes. I find accents are a big hit when talking with the meat man or deli person. (the kids love it)
When All Else Fails
Just grab whatever you have to have, pay and run. Its really not worth the time and frustration some days.

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