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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hasbro Coupons

I can't beleive that September is already here. I've been in school for 3 weeks and most of the other kids have been back for just a week. With that said there are 114 days until Christmas. I know it sounds like a lot but reality its just over 3 months away.... Hasbro is hooking us up with some great coupons for games. I usually have a stash of these that I bought for cheap for various birthdays throughout the year. Here are the coupons available:

$4/1 Monopoly game coupon
$4/1 Scrabble game coupon
$4/1 The Game of Life coupon
$4/1 Jenga game coupon
$4/1 Sorry Game coupon
$3/1 Candy Land game coupon
$3/1 Chutes and Ladders game coupon
$3/1 Memory game coupon
$5/1 Monopoly Crazy Cash coupon
$5/1 Scrabble Alphabet Scoop game coupon
$5/1 Bop It XT game coupon
$5/1 Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash or Yahtzee Flash game coupon
$3/1 Cootie game coupon
$4/1 Connect 4 game coupon
$4/1 Battleship game coupon
$4/1 Operation game coupon
$4/1 Guess Who? game coupon
$5/1 Scrabble Turbo Slam game coupon
$5/1 Connect 4 Launchers game coupon

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