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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthday with a Mommy Lesson Included

I was decorating my daughter third birthday cake last week with tons of ideas floating about my head. I decided to get up at 6:30 so we (my mom and I ) could get started without the kids interrupting. So away it went with making frosting, deciding on structure etc. all the while trying our best to be quiet. When half way through all three of them awoke. OK I thought I will entice them with a cartoon and hurry and finish. Then one by one they came back and just as I was about to blow my top because my perfect "vision" wasn't being created.
Kylie, looks up at me and said "Can I put on one marshmallow mommy then i go away". 
Well that made my heart skip a beat. The whole time I was trying to make this "perfect" cake she would be so proud and excited to see I forgot that the most important part HER.
 My own pride had blocked my vision on what was really important! Bam another life lesson taught by a three year old. I know for a lot of you it was pretty obvious that I should have let them help from the start but for me it was an ego thing. In my defense usually I am not so selfish and love to bake and cook with my children, but cakes has been my thing for them. So for the next hour we decorated and ate frosting and laughed at the gummies with hats on and the owl perched in the towers. It was a total blast. To be fair this cake was not the most elaborate or best decorated but it really is my favorite ever.

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